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Truck Driving, is this the $35-100,000 career for you? There are multiple types of truck driving jobs - short haul or local truckdrivers, driver-sales workers, or route drivers and the long haul truckdrivers.  They all have different pay structures but they all provide a very fulfilling, and usually adventurous life. If you like being on the road and meeting great people, this is the job for you. We hope this resource will provide you with lots of help in your love of trucking and help you meet other people who share your love.

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CDL (Commercial Driver's License):
To qualify for a commercial driver’s license, you must pass a written test on rules and regulations, and demonstrate you can operate a commercial truck safely. A national data bank permanently records all driving violations incurred by persons who hold commercial licenses. A State will check these records and not issue a commercial driver’s license to a driver who has a license suspended or revoked in another State. Licensed drivers must accompany trainees until they get their own CDL.

Commercial Driver's License Truck Driver's TestBarron's How to Prepare for the Cdl : Commercial Driver's License Truck Driver's Test
by Mike Byrnes
One of the best books to help your prepare for the CDL exam. With this book, you can quickly master the knowledge you need to pass the CDL exam.

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Overdrive -- 12 issues Overdrive -- 12 issues

Leading Trucking Magazine for professional owners and drivers. Only $2.08 per issue. That is 47% off.

Easy Trucking SoftwareAs seen in Overdrive, Landline, Roadstar Owner Operator and Trucking Co Magazines . An accounting program designed for the Owner Operator or Small Fleet Owner. It is very easy to use and gives you the reports that you need to be successful in the trucking business. It also makes tax time very easy. Click Here for Easy Trucking Software No More Paperwork Headaches! The Place for Maps OnlineA great place to get any map you need for any location you will be driving to. Great selection and great prices. Maps is their game and you get what you looking for from this source.  

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Easy Trucking SoftwareFUEL MANAGER . . . is a very easy to use program used to calculate the fuel taxes owed and make reporting and filling out the tax forms easy. It only takes just a few minutes to learn. If you use it weekly it will tell you where to buy your fuel to minimize your fuel taxes

Phantom Jammer & Radar/Laser Detector

Phantom Jammer & Radar/Laser Detector

Scrambling device blocks police radar, making it virtually impossible to detect your vehicle's speed! Avoid speeding tickets and high insurance rates with the Phantom Jammer and Radar Detector. The Phantom detects X, K, and Ka radar frequencies and works instantly on radar/laser guns. Has the ability to scramble any signal it receives. The Phantom mixes the incoming radar/laser signal with an FM chirp and bounces it back, disabling the radar gun. The Phantom is a passive device and completely legal. We are so certain of the Phantom's effectiveness that the manufacturer will pay any ticket you receive. * Not available in OK, MN, or DC and some restrictions may apply.

Great Books for the Truck Driving

Bumper to Bumper : The Complete Guide to Tractor-Trailer OperationsBumper to Bumper : The Complete Guide to Tractor-Trailer Operations (third edition)
It covers the essentials of everything a truck driver needs to know about the gets our top rating as an industry "classic."...Just as important as the information conveyed in it is the book's overall attitude

Tractor-Trailer-Truck Driver (Careers Without College (Mankato, Minn.).)
by Susan Clinton

Outlines the educational requirements, duties, salary, employment outlook, and possible future positions of tractor-trailer-truck drivers.

Audio books for the Road

A great way to make use of your time behind the wheel is to listen to Audio books. You  can listen to great stories or those that educate you! You make the choice...

From the Corner of His Eye [UNABRIDGED]
by Dean R. Koontz

Suspense thriller, which is chock-full of signs, portents, angels, and one somewhat second-rate devil. EXCITING

101 Ways to Transform Your Life101 Ways to Transform Your Life
by Wayne W. Dyer

Highly inspirational and uplifting.

Pretty Good Jokes Pretty Good Jokes [ABRIDGED]
by Garrison Keillor (Editor), Paula Poundstone

They just fire one joke after another for more than two hours. The jokes come so fast that you forget them almost immediately. So what, you can always rewind the tape. Many jokes are just the usual stuff about ligh bulbs, lawyers, Jessica Lewinski, and so on but many jokes are very inventive.

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