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This is for veterans of all wars but specifically for those of the Vietnam War. Here we hope you can connect to some of your old buddies you served with and live again some of the adventures  that only a fellow vet would understand . Our desire is to put to rest any ghosts that lurk in your memory and to offer a place to reminisce.

I was an artillery officer in VietNam in 1967-1968 with the Big Red One
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Reconnect with your military buddies!Please list yourself in our  military connection directory connection directory. This is a free listing where you can find others who were in your former units. We hope that millions will soon have their names listed here making it the best way to find a comrade from the past. Please tell your friends about this page and help us get as many listings as we can as fast as we can. We need to be able to find vets to help speak out for our rights, benefits and make sure that history will eventually tell the true story about VietNam. Reconnect with your military buddies now!

Reconnect with your military buddies!
Reconnect with your military buddies!

Books On the VietNam War and Experience

15 Months With Sog : A Warrior's Tour
by Thom Nicholson, Thomas L. Nicholson
A collection of short stories that really helps you to appreciate all the different aspects of that difficult time in our history.  It isn't difficult to finish this book in one sitting.

Don's Nam
by Franklin D. Rast (Preface), Gilda M. Agacer, Leonard Martin
A vivid first-person account of war in Vietnam centered around the daily activities of the Orient Express.

Absolution: Charlie Company, 3rd Battalion, 22nd Infantry
by Charles J. Boyle, Charles T. Boyle, Pia S. Seagrave (Editor)
 Every American should read it. It will move you to tears and your heart will ache forever for our gallant fighting men. Book

After Tet : The Bloodiest Year in Vietnam
by Ronald H. Spector
The Bloodiest Year in Vietnam" will be placed, along with Frances Fitzgerald's "Fire in the Lake."
This book filled in what was going on elsewhere in-country as well as the political climate of that era. One of the best books about the Vietnam War

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Other Great Books On The Vietnam War

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The Blood Road : The Ho Chi Minh Trail and the Vietnam War
by John Prados
The first coherent study of the notorious Ho Chi Minh Trail, which carried the troops, armaments, and civilians from North Vietnam to South VietNam.

Code-Name Bright Light: The Untold Story of U.S. POW Rescue Efforts during the Vietnam War
by George J. Veith
Reveals a troubled operation that did not liberate a single soldier due to a combination of its own incompetence and clever Viet Cong tactics. This important chapter of the Vietnam War has been largely ignored until the late 1990s.

Movies About VietNam:

Historical Movies About VietNam:


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Great stories and views on the vietnam war and the experience of being there.

Bob Patsfield's home page and Vietnam Stories

A chronicle of Bob Patsfield's life and observations while in Vietnam. Very interesting and well writen.

Vietnam Chaplain Central Highlands Diary (July 1968 - June 1969

The diary of a chaplain in Vietnam with the Fourth Infantry Division. Great pictures of his tour and the many real soldiers that he was involved with.  

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