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Tired of filling out forms? Tired of forgetting passwords? You need Gator! Gator is free software that does the typing for you. Gator eliminates frustrating web chores like filling out forms and remembering passwords. Best of all, it's polite: When you hit a web page with a form or account name & password, Gator surfaces to provide the exact information with no typing! It takes only 3 minutes to download at 56K! Gator also comes with in FREE COUPONS!
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You’re on-line. Friends and family are calling you but the line is busy or they leave a message that you won’t check for hours!  What can you do? The solution is Pagoo.
Forget busy signals, forget hefty $20 - $30 second lines. Have voice messages immediately forwarded to your computer screen! Desktop Agent will alert you instantly! Or pick up your messages anywhere in the world through the 'Net with no long distance fees. All you need is an Internet connection. Download now and take a completely FREE 30 DAY TRIAL of this amazing technology!

DialFree Free Internet Access with no Advertising!DialFree Free Internet Access with no Advertising!

DialFree is giving away Internet Access with no online advertising! This is a survey-supported service with subscribers filling in online surveys once a month. Survey times average from 10 to 15 minutes. One of the biggest benefits is that your privacy is guaranteed since they do not perform any form of online tracking or sell email lists like other free services. This service comes with 56k V.90 Access, Multiple email addresses and News Groups. dialfree.net

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